Life CoachingLife Coaching is a method of addressing specific personal projects.

With the guidance of the life coach it aims to identify specific challenges in a person’s life, recognize obstacles and choose the most appropriate action plan. The choices are made obvious as an outcome of the sessions and are not the decisions of the coach.

Life coaching is for otherwise healthy people who require more support, guidance and motivation to balance their life or their specific needs.

The method is personalized and hence the number of sessions required, are different for every person.

The benefits are multiple since the person gains self-awareness, confidence and promotes relationships and personal well-being.


Life coaching in fertility challenged people, aims to address the impact of fertility problems in their lives. These problems are often underestimated and become apparent only later, when their impact is bigger.

Undergoing fertility treatment requires more discipline and involves more stress. Managing that stress and assisting with the adjustment to the current situation can also benefit the medical procedures themselves and assist in a positive outcome.

Seeking for fertility solutions is not a reason to throw someone of the track of their lives. It is something that is added in their lives for a reason.

Prepare yourself the best way you can, keep communication channels open and receive support during this experience.