The Unseen Side of Fertility
How healing the emotional and spiritual aspects can unlock your fertility potential.

Monday 6th May 2019
20:00 (London, UK)

40 min

Clare Blake

Clare Spink
Fertility Massage Therapist

Gordana Petrovic
Fertility Acupuncturist

Sarah Holland

Sarah Holland
Fertility EFT Coach

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Join Clare Spink, Gordana Petrovic and Sarah Holland as they explore the aspects of fertility issues that are rarely recognised, talked about or addressed, but could be the missing piece of your fertility puzzle.

In their work in Fertility Massage, Acupuncture and EFT Coaching, Clare, Gordana and Sarah support women at the most vulnerable times in their lives. They each create a safe space for a woman to explore and heal the emotional and spiritual aspects of herself and her fertility.

In this unique 40 minute webinar they will share:

How and why you may be unaware or disconnected from the emotional and spiritual side of fertility.

Simple practices to acknowledge and heal the most important hidden areas for your fertility.

How a spiritual practice and emotional wellbeing will bring positive results for you now, and move you towards your baby in the future.

Success stories from their combined experience of 45 years of supporting women on their paths to motherhood.

Register here for our FREE WEBINAR