Gordana Petrovic BScHons,TCM, RSM, MAcS
Fertility Acupuncture Specialist

We look after our patients here, there and everywhere as a team, leaving no stone unturned in getting them to their dream of a family as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Basing our treatments only on scientifically proven medical methods of care, and some eternal oriental intricacies of Chinese medicine Acupuncture, gets us our name A-Z Alphazita in best holistic fertility care.

Gordana is a certified acupuncture specialist specializing in reproductive and internal medicine, obstetrics and maternity support.

Gordana combines the best aspects of eastern and western medical practices, as she believes that this fusion is the most effective method in achieving positive results for her patients.

She is a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and member of the Acupuncture Society.