The Alphazita autumn retreat is now over…
We want to thank you all for joining us in world’s first Holistic Fertility Retreat. A team of dedicated international experts including conventional medicine doctors, complementary medicine practitioners and therapists have been brought together to enhance your fertility by nurturing and nourishing your body, heart, mind and soul.

Special thanks to our amazing team: Dr Elias Tsakos, Dr Kanelina Bimpa, Gordana Petrovic, Rosie Letts, Clare Spink, Sarah Holland and David Gibbon, for all their support, inspiration and creativity!
Special thanks also to Sani Resort for their amazing hospitality!

Elias TsakosGreat lectures , amazing audience in a paradise setting at Sani Resort!
True Holistic Fertility Care by an International team of experts!

– Dr Elias Tsakos

Sarah HollandI’m honoured to be a member of the AlphaZita integrated fertility team, which combines the best of both medical and natural treatments.

– Sarah Holland

Clare SpinkTime to leave this beautiful place, full of hope and creativity for the amazing future that lies ahead for the AlphaZita Holistic Fertility Team!

– Clare Spink

David GibbonThis is the BLUEPRINT for how fertility treatments will be going forward!

– David Gibbon

Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for health care professionals

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