Project Description

Fertility Coaching

Support and peace of mind

Undergoing fertility treatment requires more discipline and involves more stress. Managing that stress and assisting with the adjustment to the current situation can also benefit the medical procedures themselves and assist in a positive outcome.

Seeking for fertility solutions is not a reason to throw someone of the track of their lives. It is something that is added in their lives for a reason.

Prepare yourself the best way you can, keep communication channels open and receive support during this experience.

However you choose to travel the path to motherhood, good support which is nurturing, non-judgemental, gives you space to think and ponder, and kits you up with ways to transform emotions and connect to your inner strength and wisdom is essential.

It’s time to take stock of where you are, re-focus on where you want to be, and find the easiest and most enjoyable path to that point.

“Imagine being free of fertility stress and taking your next steps towards parenthood with clarity, ease and a calm mindset. I know this is possible for you!”




Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage Therapy is a deep; yet gentle, non- invasive abdominal and sacral therapy that focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal organs, with an aim to improve blood, nerve and lymph flow.